Our vast service include collection of the goods from each your suppliers, packing as the nature of the goods, storage in dry and secure warehouse, processing all the export document and shipment goods, monitoring shipment guaranteeing save arrival at the harbor, air port or home of destination.

Air Freight Service

Air freight is the quickest , most expensive means of transporting freight. rates calculated on a per kg and  by weight (volumetric weight) and charged on which is greater

Sea Freight Service

Sea Freight is the most economist freight.

LCL (Less Container Load)

This service is dedicated to those shipment whose space is insufficient to fill a 20 feet container. The goods are crated in specially designed wood crates, made to measure for the size of your goods. LCL shipment have more risks, particularly with goods that are regarded as fragile. Goods from Bali are packed and loaded in Bali, unloaded in east Java, reloaded and unloaded in Singapore and unloaded at destination. Daily trucking service to the major port is available to ensure quick transit of all LCL shipment.

FCL(Full Container Load)

Full container load is available in 20 feet (30 Cubic), 40 feet (60 Cubic), 40 feet High cube (70 Cubic).
This type is the most commonly used in the cargo field, the advantages of using the enclosed container are product protection and softly, and the most economical use of space, please inquiry for Bali Best Container freight rate to all destination with competitive rates by using reliable shipping line.

Shipment sent FCL are loaded in Bali and unloaded at the destination, hence there is considerable less handling and moving of the goods. FCL shipment are most efficient and effective than sending anything more than 13 CBM as LCL.


The RIM CARGO warehouse is divided into separate three-dimensional 20' and 40' bay areas. These bay areas help to prevent damage to your good once collected and packed and also serve to give our customers a more visual idea of their current volume/volume required to fill a container. All goods received at the RIM CARGO warehouse are recorded onto each clients "Master Warehouse Packing List". This list includes the box or package number and the designated bay area they are stored in. This form will then be used to cross check when loading the container – ensuring none of your items are left behind !


Packed With Care. RIM CARGO offers a full range of packing for your goods.. All items requiring carton roll are 'double' packed to ensure the best possible protection. This means that edges, corners and frames are packed first and then the whole piece is packed again to minimize risk of damage during handling and transit. Mirrors, glass items or furniture with mirrors or glass are reinforced with triplex before packing. All wooden crates and frames are tailor made on the premises to specific dimensions, ensuring the least possible movement for crated cargo, therefore eradicating the likelihood of damage in transit.


As part of our service we arrange the fumigation of your shipment. Fumigation requirements for many destination can be complex but with our many years of experience forwarding shipments all over the world we have an in-depth knowledge  of the fumigation requirements for all worldwide destinations, including the ETO fumigation requirements for Australia.

Shipping Documentation

Shipping documentation, fumigation documentation and Export documentation can be complex too but no need to worry as part of our service we take care of all the documentation for your shipment, including V Legal documents if required. Again with our many years of experience forwarding shipments all over the world we have an in-depth knowledge of the documentation requirements for all destinations.